Frequently Asked Questions

What is Autentico Vintage Paint?

Autentico Vintage Paint is a chalk paint imported from The Netherlands.  It has over 35% chalk content, comes in 150 colours and has superior coverage and adherence earning it the title of ‘Europe’s finest chalk paint’. It’s the perfect paint for decorative techniques like distressing, crackling, sanding etc.

What can I paint with Autentico Vintage?

Almost anything! As this is a true chalk paint it will adhere to virtually any surface, wood, metal, fabric, leather, glass, ceramics and more!

Can I mix different colours together?

Absolutely! This is one of the most fun parts of using this paint. Use white to lighten your colours up or just mix the colours together to achieve the perfect shade that you have imagined.  Don’t forget to write down your recipe so you can recreate that beautiful colour again in the future!

Do I need to use wax?

Yes, Autentico Vintage paint is an open porous system which needs to be sealed. Our clear wax is used to seal and protect the beautiful painted surface you have just created. Apply your clear wax with a brush or soft cloth and then wipe of the excess.  An extra coat may be applied after 24 hours if necessary. After a further 24 hours you can buff the surface with a soft cloth if you wish to create a sheen. The tinted waxes may be used over the clear wax for further decorative techniques.

Do I need to do any prep?

We all hate prep work and are eager to get on to the fun stuff as quickly as possible but I will always recommend that you wash your surface with sugar soap first to remove any grease or grime and then give it a light sand with 180 grit sandpaper to create a key for the paint to stick to.  Autentico Vintage will adhere to almost any surface but I believe it is worth taking that extra time to do a bit of prep as added insurance!

So how do I get started?

The first thing to remember is that this is meant to be fun and there are no rules to using this paint. I’ve added a few tips below but don’t be scared to experiment and make things up as you go along, this is all a part of the creative process! If you feel you need a little guidance or want to learn some more advanced painting techniques please check out my workshops, I would love to meet you and chat about your project!

  • Make sure you shake your can well before use to get all those lovely pigments mixed in. A good tip is to leave your can upside down for 15-20 minutes whilst you do your prep work, then give it a good shake.

  • If the paint feels too thick it is fine to add a bit of water to loosen it up a bit.

  • Thin coats are best. 2-3 thin coats will give you a much better finish than one thick one! If you are looking for a really smooth finish then sand in between coats with 180 grit sandpaper

  • A good quality brush with a high bristle count is best. Wash your brush in running water and hang it up to dry.

  • When your paint is completely dry, seal it with Autentico clear wax. Add some different tinted waxes to age your piece or create more stunning effects.

  • Most importantly, have fun!

What are your terms and conditions?


We can ship Australia wide with our carbon neutral courier service. Every care is taken to ensure your products are packaged carefully so they will arrive to you in perfect condition but we cannot accept responsibility for goods that are lost or damaged after they leave our possession.


Returns & Refunds Policy

We cannot refund you if you change your mind and will only refund items that are faulty.


Collection of furniture

Please endeavor to collect your items asap after purchase. We will hold items for a maximum of 60 days after which they will be donated. If you are unable to pick up a piece of furniture please contact us to get a quote for delivery.



Please get in touch with me for a quote to commission a piece of your own furniture. I cannot source items of furniture for commission work. Drop off and pick up of commissioned furniture is the responsibility of the customer.

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