About Jane

Making and painting have always been a big part of my life.  With an art teacher and a carpenter as parents there was always some project going on and I learnt the great feeling of reward that comes from creating something for yourself. When we emigrated here from Cornwall in the UK in 2006 with just a couple of backpacks we had literally no furniture. I started buying second hand furniture and painting it to look the way I wanted.  Furniture painting is definately addictive and once I started I couldn't stop! Then I discovered Autentico's chalk and lime paints and that changed everything.  I could mix and blend it, layer and distress it, create texture and depth. I couldn’t believe I could create such beautiful pieces with this paint. I feel incredibly fortunate and proud to now be bringing Autentico into Australia and be the Australian Distributor for their paints and products.

These days I have a bit of a paint obsession. I literally eat, sleep and breathe paint and colour!  I often wake up at night having dreamt of a colour palette I want to try. Since using Autentico paint I notice the colours, patterns and textures in everything around me. 


Autentico paint has become a huge part of my life and I have learnt a lot since starting out on this journey. Not just about painting, but about having confidence in myself (its not easy putting your work out there to be judged!) and about patience and perseverance and how succeeding and building dreams is really the culmination of lots of small, seemingly insignificant efforts that finally come together. I am still building my dream and growing and learning but I can honestly say that I have found my true passion in paint!

About my furniture

I am continually experimenting with new processes and techniques to improve my painting knowledge and skill.  I have also spent a lot of time perfecting the basic techniques of furniture restoration in order to deliver a quality finish.  


I have chosen Autentico Paint as I truly believe it is of the highest quality and will deliver a high quality finish every time. The range and depth of colour is unrivaled and with 150+ colours to choose from I really am spoilt for choice!

About Autentico Paints

Autentico offers an unrivalled range of all natural, environmentally friendly and very high quality chalk and lime based paints and decorative products for both furniture and walls. The paints are highly pigmented and available in over 160 deep and rich colours and perfect for all decorative techniques to bring your walls and furniture to life. 

Autentico believes in the right paint for the right job rather than a 'one size fits all' approach and that is why we offer a range of paints to suit a variety of projects. Autentico also offers a great range of decorative products for achieving a variety of patina's and finishes. 

Autentico is a European based company and I am proud to be their Australian distributor. The pigments and paint bases are made in Europe and then we hand tint all the paints to order right here in South Australia.


93 Lobethal Rd
Norton Summit, 5136

0405 303191

0405 303191